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Copywriting AI Tools $0.00 - $99.00 for WooCommerce


Introducing Version 1.20.7 of for WooCommerce, released on March 13, 2024. This latest update brings a host of improvements and new functionalities to enhance your e-commerce operations:

  • Enhanced Image Understanding: Dive deeper into image content with advanced analysis techniques for richer, more relevant content engagement.
  • Effortless SEO with Auto-Generated Img Alt Texts: Elevate your search engine optimization without lifting a finger, thanks to automated alternative text for images.
  • Broader Language Options: Connect with a global audience using expanded support for Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, and Italian.
  • Chrome Extension for Easier Content Management: Streamline your content creation and editing process with our new, user-friendly Chrome extension is a user-friendly WordPress/WooCommerce plugin that automates the creation of product descriptions, meta titles, descriptions, and alt texts. Offering both individual and bulk content generation, it seamlessly integrates with your e-commerce platform for efficient operation. With two modes, ‘Single’ for detailed settings and ‘Bulk’ for automated mass production, it caters to diverse needs. Moreover, it supports unlimited site connections and multiple user accounts without extra fees, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution for elevating your e-commerce content strategy. Single Single Mode provides a personalized approach to content creation. Users have the flexibility to set the tone, style, and target audience for the content. It enables a detailed keyword analysis, and users can handpick semantic keywords and product-specific attributes for the output text. Customized content is promptly produced within roughly 50 seconds, after which users have full control to review and modify the text to their satisfaction before publishing. Its key focus is to cater to specific audience demands with highly tailored and SEO-optimized content. Bulk Bulk mode is suitable for swift and efficient content generation for numerous products at once. It enables users to select multiple products and generate text for them in a single operation, ensuring a uniform tone, style, and attributes across all chosen products. Primarily designed for speed and efficiency, this mode is ideal for simplifying the content creation process, especially when dealing with large-scale requirements.

Languages supported

To cater to a worldwide market, Version 1.20.7 includes support for various languages such as Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, and Italian. This feature enables businesses to generate auto-content aligned with their WooCommerce webshop’s language, enhancing broader market penetration and customer interactions across diverse regions. is designed to auto-adjust its output according to your webshop’s language. In case the language isn’t available, English is used as the default. Additionally, a translated interface is scheduled to launch in the third week of March. Until then, the interface will be available in English.

Features Include

  • Unlimited Connections: Connect to an infinite number of e-commerce sites and user accounts.
  • Direct Transfer and Publication: Easily transfer and publish content directly to WooCommerce.
  • Customizable Parameters: Choose product attributes, tone, style, content length, target audience, and user roles according to your preferences.
  • Advanced Image Analysis: analyses product images for extra details, generating precise and engaging descriptions, especially beneficial for products with limited data or intricate names.
  • AI-Enhanced Market Suggestions: Obtain AI-driven suggestions for target markets and create custom market definitions.
  • Optimized Keywords: Benefit from keyword analysis, semantic keyword integration, and keyword density tracking for improved SEO.
  • Text Rewriting: Revise and rephrase your generated content as needed.
  • Reference Product: Ensure consistent tone, style, and layout by referencing an existing product.
  • Content Review Log and Bulk Management: Keep track of content changes and manage bulk content efficiently.
  • Multi-store Support: Cater to multiple stores without a hassle.
  • Chrome Extension: Manage content and tag products for fact-checking or rewriting with our handy Chrome extension. Chrome extension download link can be found here:


Version History

Version 1.20.7: 2024-03-13 Introduced advanced image analysis, automated Img Alt text generation, expanded language support, and a Chrome extension for streamlined content management.
Version 1.12.3: 2024-01-16 Implemented free monthly credits, removed the need for credit card entry upon installation, introduced bug fixes, and upgraded the installation wizard, reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction.
Version 1.00.14: 2023-12-22 Initial release of for WooCommerce

Disclaimer: is an independent tool developed to work with WordPress/WooCommerce. It is not affiliated or endorsed by WordPress/WooCommerce.


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